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Featured Independent Artist

Artist 1:


Name: Menace Escobar

Social Media: 

Where To Find Music:

  • iTunes Spotify & all platforms
  • YouTube: Menace Escobar


Artist 2:


Name: Абсолютно Хорошее Настроение

Bio: Абсолютно Хорошее Настроение is a Russian music band formed in Volgograd in 2012. It is characterized by a wide stylistic palette (from singer-songwriter, folk and punk to art rock and progressive rock) and unusual literary-centered lyrics. Абсолютно Хорошее Настроение are the veterans of Russian underground who have traveled a thorny path from psychedelia and the avant-garde through garage rock and folk punk to the creative writing that is like nothing on earth. If we assume that there are “physics” and “lyrics” in underground music, then one of the key figures of the latter direction will be АХН with their songs about the most important, subtle and reverent things that exist in the soul of every person.

Discography: По-Взрослому (2014), Танцы Под Живопись (2015), Скрижали (2019)

Where To Find Music:

Artist 3:


Name: Dela G

Bio: Dela G is a new artist hailing from Alief, Texas pushing a new wave of hip hop     music. He recently moved to California with a dream and a plan and has been working hard to cultivate his sound and turn his true talent into acclaimed art. He’s currently an underground hidden gem that has grown his fan base organically by creating songs that tell stories of his journey and resonate with those who listen. Dela G brings bars, passion, positive energy, raw emotion, dope beats and so much more to the table, and he’s sure to take the industry (and the world) by storm. 

Social Media:
Where To Find Music:

Artist 4:


Name:    Jay G

Bio: ChopTeam Tha Label

Artist/Songwriter/Producer/Art Designer

Social Media: 

  • Instagram:        jaygizzle8

Where to Find Music:  

  • Youtube:          Jay Gizzle
  • Souncloud:      Jay Gizzle

Artist 5: 

TAUROS bridge shot copy.jpg

Name:     Tauros Essex

Bio:  T A U R O S is a triple threat on the track by writing, producing and singing all vocal parts on his songs.   As a self taught musician growing up in Detroit he was mainly inspired by 3 legends Michael Jackson, Prince and Aaliyah.  A wiz in the studio he engineers his own vocals as well as writing the lyrics which lead him to an opportunity to move to Los Angeles.  T A U R O S dove right into the music industry as he became a touring background singer and landed roles in music videos and commercials. Today he has started his own record label 333 MUSIC LLC. and is known for quickly hearing ideas and bringing them to life with most songs being completed in less than a day.   Notorious for being an insomniac his recordings happen at night  as he says 3 am is the magic hour.  Some may know him for his top RnB/EDM single “The Type” that began trending on Spotify a week after it’s release, his sexy RnB/Trap hit “Wine n B12” or his latest Pop love song “WithOut U” accompanied by a beautiful music video that has social media buzzing!  As a live performer T A U R O S brings his A game every time and in person can be described as uber optimist believing that anything is possible.  People who know him personally say he can be shy at times, childlike and almost introverted.  When asked what his future plans are Tauros says “I just want my record label to succeed so I have to give the public hit records, good live shows and cool content so that’s exactly what I will do!”

Where to find music: 



Social Media:

Instagram: taurosmusic

Artist 6: 


Name:        La’b

Bio: LA’B is a up incoming down south independent Artist that’s been dropping & catching buzz with a unique body of work with his own sound & in wave ,With a few videos out on YouTube over a few Thousand views that gained him a lil notice from blogs songs such as “Long Story Short” & “No Love” and a collab on a track called “Remember”with artist DelaG … His Unique sound behind his voice in the pain & grind motivating listeners behind his music has listeners really tuned into his music , Look for him to really catch more notice with his 8’song project “Forever Standing” fully produced by Louisiana DJ , DJBigg to catch storm down south.

Where to find Music:       


Social Media: 

Instagram :       @LA.Bhtx

Independent Artist:

An unsigned artist, unsigned band or independent artist is a musician or musical group not under a contract with a record label. The terms are used in the music industry as a marketing technique. Bands that release their own material on self-published CDs can also be considered unsigned bands. Often unsigned bands primarily exist to perform at concerts.In more recent years, the Internet has helped promote the music of unsigned bands. Artists often post their music as MP3s on websites such as Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Myspace, PureVolume, and SoundClick. Further, companies like Sentric Music and the royalty payment service offered by can help in generating income streams for unsigned bands.

Internet Promotion:

Internet promotion has been the key for some bands for getting popular. Bands and solo artists have gained popularity through Myspace and other avenues of social media. Unsigned bands have become more popular with Internet users and have been able to break into the mainstream charts. They are now finding many resources across the Internet to promote, market, and sell their music almost free of charge. Unsigned charts are now being promoted on almost all the underground music sites and has seen many of the domain owners spending large amounts of money on developing these charts to bring bands to them. A number of these are now additionally registered with the official charts. Blog sites have become popular, as they regularly feature reviews or interviews with unsigned artists. Other blog sites have offered helpful guidance and resources for new unsigned artists. Similar to bloggers, music curators including podcasts, DJs, and Youtube channels are all dedicated to finding quality new songs from unsigned artists for online audiences to discover.